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Upcoming Workshops 

Adrenal Boost
with Naturopathic Doctor Caley Scott
Wednesday, December 4th 6pm - 8pm
WholeHealth Chicago
2265 N. Clybourn
Chicago IL
$75 includes customized adrenal tincture and yoga sequences

Feeling Tired? Need help improving fatigue? Learn to boost energy with WholeHealth Chicago's Naturopath Caley Scott and Yoga Therapist Renee Zambo.

Dr. Scott will teach you about herbs that support your adrenal glands to help boost your energy and adapt to stress. You will be able to try each of the herbs in tincture, combine herbs in a formula of your choosing, and go home with your very own customized blend.

Renee will teach practices that restore and build energy, support daily activities, and ensure sound rest at night. You’ll learn mindfulness tools such as body and breath awareness to build stress resilience and ease the load on your adrenal glands.

*Disclaimer: tinctures are herbs that are suspended in small amounts of alcohol, not recommended for children or patients with alcohol sensitivity.

Participants should be prepared to do gentle yoga and stretches with modifications and adaptations for all levels.

In this workshop, you will learn:

• Herbs that support the adrenals and adapt to stress

• How to make your own herbal tincture

• Morning sequence for energy cultivation

• Evening sequence for restoration

• Mindfulness practices for stress resiliency

Please note: This workshop takes place on the second floor of our office; a short walk up one flight of stairs.

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Healing Low Back Pain
Room to Breathe Yoga
25 E. Washington, Chicago IL
Introductory course, January 23rd, 5:30-7:30pm 
In depth and personalized exploration, 1/30, 2/6, and 2/13,   5:30-7pm
$149 (includes individual intake and personalized sequence)

The lumbar spine and sacrum are common areas for compression and pain. Whether built up over time or acutely, this pain can affect many aspects of our lives, and keep us from doing what we love.

An introduction class will cover key concepts of alignment, movement, and awareness for generalized low back pain. Participants will learn optimal sitting postures, safe transitions, standing modifications, and breathing techniques for abdominal and pelvic floor support. This initial class can be taken separately, or as part of the four week series for in depth exploration. 

Participants in the four week series will have a personal intake exchange with Renee to review health history, specific goals, questions/concerns, and education. Each week will further explore individual goals and needs through exploration of key postures, pranayama, and relaxation techniques within a small group setting. A closing exchange with Renee will solidify a personalized practice for optimal low back health. 


Expect to learn:

  • Optimal postures for low back relief and decompression

  • Sitting, standing, and walking alignment from the ground up 

  • Safe transitions up and down

  • Breathing techniques for abdominal and pelvic floor support

  • Modifications and adaptations in common yoga poses and flows

  • Tools for a personalized home practice

Pain Relief with Therapy Balls
Dancing Feet Yoga​
19153 West U.S 12
New Buffalo, MI
February 23rd, 2-4pm
$60 (Includes tote bag, three myofascial balls, yoga strap, and take home sequence)

Does that same spot in your neck, shoulders, back or hips seem to bother you every day? Do you have joint aches and pains in

Do you have recurring spots of tension? Hard to reach areas on your back? Joint aches and pains in the hands and feet? Are you looking for ways to alleviate pain and tension on your own?

Join Yoga Therapist Renee Zambo for an evening of muscle tension release with myofascial therapy balls. Participants will be guided through techniques that massage the feet, hands, neck, shoulders, hips and low back with the use of three different myofascial balls and a yoga strap.

Myofascial release balls help you release tension at a pressure you control.  Learn how to breathe deeply while stretching, apply adequate pressure to tender spots, and release tension throughout the whole body. You’ll leave with a self-care kit with all of these tools that you can use at home, at work, even when you travel!

Join us for this workshop if you experience:

• Chronic Pain • Arthritis • Back, Neck, Shoulder or Hip Pain • Muscular Tension • Injuries • Plantar Fasciitis • Scar Tissue • Tension Headaches • And More!


Who can benefit from this workshop?

Individuals with: 

Chronic pain 


Back Pain 

Muscular tension 

Injuries and/or scar tissue 


Desk workers and labor workers

And many more!

Stay tuned for Healthy Hip and Pelvic Floor Workshops April/May 2020  at Room to Breathe, WholeHealth Chicago, and Dancing Feet Yoga!

Weekly Classes 

Monday evening, Friday morning, Saturday early afternoon
Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Harbor Country's oasis for world class yoga, yoga therapy, teacher training, body work, and special events. 
19153 West U.S 12
New Buffalo, MI

All Levels Yoga

Mondays, 9-10:15am (EST) 

A practice of mindful body and breathe awareness through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathe work), relaxation and meditation with many options for each individual to learn and grow. These classes emphasize precision and body awareness and use props such as blocks and straps. Hands-on assists are offered when necessary to ensure optimal alignment. Options are offered for beginners and allow more advanced students to go deeper into the poses.

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Gentle Yoga

Mondays, 5-6:15pm (EST) 

If you are living with chronic pain, limited mobility or health issues, please consider joining us for this class.

Gentle Therapeutic Yoga can:

  • Decrease your pain and stress

  • Calm your nervous system

  • Identify and overcome negative thinking

  • Create a deeper sense of self awareness and understanding.

We will practice breathing techniques, body awareness, mindfulness and physical postures while facilitating calmness and peace of mind.
Places will be limited to ensure personal focus in a safe group setting. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Register and find out more here!

Intermediate Flow

Fridays, 9:00a-10:15a

This practice will feature a gradual build of seated to standing postures, using the breathe to move the body from one pose to the next with a balance of ease and strength. Options for different levels of strength and flexibility will be incorporated, as well as a range of postures for whole body integration and resiliency. 

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Mixed Level Hatha

Saturdays, 11:30a-12:45p

A series of asanas with emphasis on alignment, coordinated with the breath, to build strength and increase flexibility, self-awareness and ending in deep relaxation to integrate the practice. These classes emphasize precision and body awareness and use props such as blocks and straps. Hands-on assists are offered when necessary to ensure optimal alignment. Options are offered for beginners and allow more advanced students to go deeper into the poses.

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