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Yoga in the Gallery

Practice amidst beautifully crafted art in the natural light of a peaceful, open atmosphere.  
200 W. Buffalo St. 
New Buffalo, MI

Weekly Classes            

Saturdays, 9:30 -10:30am          Whole Body Stretch and Strengthen    November 16th, 23rd, and 30th

Fridays, 5:00-6:00pm                 Restorative Yoga                                 Beginning January 3rd


Drop in:   $13

Monthly pack: $50

Pre-registration required

Purchase classes through email/phone (up to one hour prior to class start time)

renee.zambo@gmail.com     313-205-1992



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Restorative Yoga

Fridays, 5:00-6:00p (EST)

   *Beginning January 3rd 

Restorative Yoga uses props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, and occasionally a wall, to hold a supine or seated position for 2-5 minutes at a time. Deep seated tension in muscles, joints, and connective tissue is gradually released as props support the body in a comfortably and safely, providing total relaxation.

Restorative Yoga is extremely helpful for flexibility, energy restoration, and stress relief. Feel relaxed and rejuvenated all weekend long! 

Book through email/text:    renee.zambo@gmail.com    313-205-1992 

Whole Body Stretch and Strengthen

Saturdays, 9:30-10:30a (EST)

Nov16, 23rd, and 30th

Looking for a class with well rounded tension relief, strength and flexibility? 

Whole Body Stretch and Strengthen will properly realign your whole body from the ground up. A series of supine, seated, and standing postures will unwind tension and build strength to stay in healthy, comfortable alignment all day long. 

All levels, ages, and capabilities are welcome! 

Book through email/text:    renee.zambo@gmail.com    313-205-1992