What is Yoga Therapy?

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is the practice of applying the many tools of Yoga to an individual, small group, and/or a health condition for integral wellbeing. These practices could be body awareness exercises, postural assessments, use of one or more movement styles, postures, breathing techniques, and methods of relaxation or meditation. 

What does a private lesson entail?

An individual yoga therapy session includes an intake and assessment tools to help determine which practices will be most beneficial for you. Considerations such as lifestyle, routine, needs and goals, are all taken into account.

One on one sessions with athletes could include muscle resiliency, alignment, and breathing techniques for endurance. Yoga Therapy for chronic pain can help manage symptoms, form healthy and safe movement patterns, and restore energy.

Almost all individual Yoga Therapy sessions include "take home" materials, or homework for self practice. Sometimes two or three individual sessions can be enough, other times more are necessary for effective and lasting change. 


How is a Yoga Therapy Workshop different?

Small groups or workshops centered around a health condition or topic include adequate education on the topic, and which movements, breathing techniques, or relaxation methods are most beneficial for it.

Practices that should be avoided for certain health conditions are also taken into account, and modifications or variations of yoga poses are incorporated. 

Since Yoga Therapy looks at the whole person - physical, energetic, mental, psycho/emotional, and our deeper connection to the whole - a yoga therapy workshop contains practices for each of these levels of being.

Along with education, a yoga therapy workshop includes appropriate movements for the physical body, energetic guidance through breathing techniques (pranayama) or mudras, tools for mental/emotional wellbeing, and meditations for living at ease in the world around us.

A practice and take home materials are also given at the end of a Yoga Therapy workshop to aid the individual or group in their practice.

Who can benefit from Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy enhances self awareness and improves how we move and operate in the world. A deeper understanding of Yoga practices can balance the extremes of chronic pain, stress, burn out, depression, and injury. It can alleviate mental or emotional stress, and positively change our relationship with ourselves and interactions with others.

Yoga Therapy can benefit:

  • Athletes 

  • Injury Recovery and Prevention 

  • Health conditions

  • Chronic Stress

  • Burnout 

  • Chronic Pain 

  • Back Pain and Spinal Conditions

  • Healthy Aging 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Fatigue 

  • GI issues 

Yoga Therapy is very impactful when used in conjunction with Eastern/Western medicine modalities, such as psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, and more.  

Student Testimonials 

"I am so blessed to have met Renee.  She is a gifted yoga teacher, under her direction I know yoga will be a part of my daily life.  It has changed my life...

I feel and look better after surviving a spinal injury.  I feel comfortable riding my bike again, my breathing and digestion are better, and I have received so compliments on my posture!!

People can't believe the difference, all from yoga therapy!  Thank you Renee!”

- Jo Marie

"After over 60 years of walking and running in an unbalanced way--placing way too much weight on the outside of my feet and way too little on the inside - my knees on both sides finally began to scream "its enough already!!" and to shut down. 

The result was significant pain, tearing of cartilage, and the giving out of knee mechanics. After some cartilage repair, cortisone shots, and significant amounts of physical therapy, I was still crippled up and walking at times with a cane.  Lower back pain joined the knee pain.  

Finally, after several months, I was referred to Renee by my chiropractor.  In a few short sessions she:

1) taught me a few powerful very basic yoga positions/stretches that immediately alleviated my lower back pain,

2) taught me a simple form of 'walking meditation' where I carefully, step by step, put my weight evenly over the sole of my foot, and

3) taught me a few more basic yoga moves to help me with my balance which had been badly impacted by my leg and back pain. 

The sessions were calm, and it was evident Renee had spent time thinking between sessions about my challenges and how to best, and simply, address them.  After several more months of informed, careful walking (and learning how to allow my weight to actually move over the arches of my feet--a revelation at the time), I now walk in a more balanced way, my back and knee issues have evaporated, and I feel like I have been given many more years of an active life which had been troubling in doubt. 

I am grateful for Renee's quiet, confident, gentle expertise."

              - Dirk 

"The routine Renee gave me has had a huge impact on my life. 

I am stronger and healthier than I have been in a very long time - playing ultimate Frisbee, basketball, riding, golfing at the best level I have in years with very little pain or soreness. 

 We always laughed a lot at our sessions as well, which was equally therapeutic.”

- Noam

"Renee's instructions are so clear. She has a high level of technical knowledge which is enhanced by her calm and reassuring manner and that helps us steady and deepen our breathing during the yoga poses. 

On two occasions my physical therapist has remarked that my abdominal strength and balance are definitely benefiting from weekly yoga classes with Renee.


I have lots of daily 'homework', but I'm not longer experiencing such intense pain, especially at night.  Renee's weekly class is a  good combination of exercise and tranquility. I know the breathing work with yoga has also been beneficial for my blood pressure. Each member of our class has said how helpful she finds the classes."

- Jean